Liability for Property Damage

Liability for Property Damage
*Heavy trucks on the driveways. Not responsible for cracks or break off of driveway (this is very realistic and nearly unavoidable)
*Tree limbs hanging over the driveway that could get ripped off the tree(s) when the dump bed is raised. (even if the limbs have been cut back)
*Damages to plantings when passing through from the front to the back.(if you instruct us to dump there)
*Damages to underground irrigation lines, electric dog fences, electric lines, ect.
*While dumping the product will spread width so not responsible for blocked cars (they need to be moved out of the way or garage)

I agree to indemnify and hold Northside Services LLC harmless in the event that any claims of any nature whatsoever are raised against Northside Services LLC that allege damage to property, or injury to persons arising out of the delivery, placement. I agree that the terms of this Release of Liability for Property Damage shall be governed by Indiana Law.